Tania Moon Q&A

Welcome to Magazine Sixty, Tania. Can you tell us about your early musical influences growing up and how you then got introduced to dance music?

Well, I started to listen to electronic music from a very young age, around the age of 9, I listened to the radio stations in Valencia at that time but the first group I fell in love with was The Prodigy.

You moved to Ibiza almost ten years ago. How would you describe the island in terms of lifestyle and musical diversity?

Yes, I have lived on the island for almost ten years, precisely I moved to Ibiza because here I could express myself as I wanted musically speaking. There is room for any type of electronic music on the island, but it saddens me that in recent years EDM and reaggeton are gaining strength and the true essence of Ibiza is being lost. Although, we will continue to fight so that it is never completely lost.

I loved the excellent selection of evocative music on your recent Ibiza Global Radio show. How did you become involved with the station?

Thank you so much!! Well, I was lucky to start playing on the radio as a guest since 2011, David Moreno was the first person who invited me, for which I will always be very grateful. Over the years I was also an eventual guest of Miguel Garji and finally Anna Tur. She offered us to have our own program, Ecoama Djs which I present every Thursday with my friend and partner Cristina Molina. So eternally grateful to these people who in one way or another have made it possible for me to live this dream.

Tania Moon · Ecoama Radio Show@Ibiza Global Radio mixed by Tania Moon 25/06/20

Do you approach what you can play on radio differently from what you would play in a club, does it give you more freedom?

On the radio I have to adapt to the schedule, since the time of the program is from 4 to 5 pm, so the music I choose must be according to that time of day. Then in the clubs I also always adapt to each situation, I do not classify myself in any style as I like all kinds of electronic music. So I can play from Deep to Techno depending on the place, the time, etc …

Can you tell us about your involvement with Ecoama DJS?

Well, Ecoama Djs is an original idea by Cristina Molina – it is something much more than a radio program – it is a concept where music and the environment go hand in hand. We started this project together at Loca FM Ibiza in 2017, Cristina Molina continued on Playasol Radio and then we got together again more than a year ago to start this adventure on Ibiza Global Radio. In our program, music and environmental messages have the same prominence. We are in a situation in which we believe that it is very important to use our radio program to raise awareness from respect and love.

What do you seek to convey/ express to people through the music you play?

I like to transmit happiness and good energy. I like music that tells you something, whatever style it is.

You are also a passionate advocate for Extinction Rebellion. Where did that commitment first come from and how would you describe where the movement is at the moment?

That’s right. Almost 2 years ago I discovered this movement, practically when it was born in the United Kingdom. I thought that everyone would join, I saw it so clearly!

A group of scientists tired of warning about the consequences of climate change for 30 years asked governments to tell the truth, act accordingly, and reduce emissions to zero by 2025. Nodes emerged all over the world, even here in Ibiza, of which I am a part but although it is already a worldwide movement people and governments still do not act and do not see the situation which we are in, the most serious in the history of mankind. If we don’t change course now, in a very few years our planet will be uninhabitable, so I feel obliged to at least keep trying to fight with much love to ensure that our future is not as disastrous as it can be.

Outside of electronic music are there any artists, writers poets etc which inspire you?

Flavia Broffoni: Political scientist and activist for the environment, is part of XR Argentina and has just written a book (Extinción), which should be required reading.

Fernando Valladares: He is a doctor in Biological Sciences, a research professor at the CSIC and at the Rey Juan Carlos University. His knowledge, especially his way of exposing them, have made him one of the benchmarks in the COVID and Climate Crisis due to his courage and clarity.

Grian Cutanda: Writer, educator, psychologist, researcher, translator, communicator and Spanish social and environmental activist.

Roger Hallam: co-founder of XR, which has already been arrested several times for fighting for our future.

And of course all the activists fighting on the front line who are being threatened, persecuted and even killed for fighting and defending everyone’s Planet.

What is your favourite instrument? Can you play one?

Well, I’m not lucky enough to play any instrument, but the one I like the most is the piano.

What are you most looking forward to in 2021? And what changes do you think will happen post Covid-19?

Well, I hope that people react to the climate emergency and do not return to normal since normality, that is, the way of life in which we have lived until now, based on economic growth and consumption, has brought us to this situation. We have to reconnect with nature and think that each act has a consequence, if we do not change drastically we will be immersed in more pandemics, the global temperature will rise and we will not have a Planet to live on. It is in our hands and I hope we get it!!



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