Taz Modi – Reclaimed Goods – Reclaimed Records

Sidestepping both his work with the Submotion Orchestra and Matthew Halsall’s Gondwana Orchestra the pianist breaks out on his own to release this immersive collection of thought-provoking pieces, which may well radically engage your mind. Accompanied by Cello and occasional drums alongside violin and viola this is music seeking to find itself in amongst a world of diverse influences. Citing one of the main protagonists as Alan Clarke’s film ‘Penda’s Fen’ the sounds may probe at introspection, yearning for answers, yet all the while feel resilient resolving into a sometimes uplifting sequence of events. The rush of notes that hit you on the ironic, Time To Practise touch joyous parts, referencing the classical traditions of Steve Reich, and are then contrasted by the more experimental playfulness of the proceeding Ethical Tourist. Returning to the title track, Reclaimed Goods provides a more immersive experience as melancholy keys dive into depths resolving via the addition of moving strings amid the blissful echo of a booming background beat. The album is a curious combination of robust, fully formed music such as Every Saint Has A Past, along with the warmly nostalgic melodies boasted by Black Flowers, which are in turn contrasted by the majority of stripped down works that perhaps challenge deeper emotions most readily – teasing out particular nuances on first observation that are sometimes rare in these days of the blindingly obvious.

Release: March 29


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