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Expanding the art of what’s possible Tencion returns to his beloved Lowendcommunity for this new release. Found inside is endless potential exercised between alternating smoky and introspective numbers which do so much more than merely present themselves. There is a living, breathing element to all of this which Tencion has pinpointed and then expanded across the breadth of stereo. In one sense this is about the memory of things, it is equally about documenting the here and now. The reference points are numerous as are the styles touched upon from the pulse of deep Techno on Lamb I – you may well recognise the lost voice at the end – to the heady Drum and Bass of No One Ever Really Dies. From there to the tripped-out yet delicate ambience of Point In Time, and onto the irresistible, low-slung funk of Echo Chamber. Then there is the evocative, cinematic analogue of Litetimes to contend with too. All in all this plays out like an emotionally rich soundtrack to accompany aspects of thought and action. But in the meantime back to Subculture which begins it all by generating a captivating whir while inviting you to hold that very thought for the remainder of the journey…

Release: September 2

Pre-order / listen https://www.beatport.com/release/culture-club/3072246


Tencion · LAMB II
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