Tenderlonious – The Shakedown featuring the 22archestra – 22a Records

Jazz. There it is. Just that very word. If it inspires a lifetime of musical potential, a storyline of events and most powerfully the ability to shape your life in different directions, then you’re at the right place. It is always a great pleasure when a music as important as this, which contentedly exists outside the grasp of the mainstream, arrives perfectly formed. Notably recorded at Abbey Road in one straight eight hour session no less! Indeed, 22a Records’ Ed Cawthorne – aka Tenderlonious may be familiar to you beyond this particular world but either way this collection rigorous, richly atmospheric tracks speak for themselves. Whether that’s infused by 1970’s funk as on Togo, or the modern flair of the superb You Decide, alongside the free-flowing improvised suggestion of Yussefs Groove. It’s all up to you.


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