Terrace – Thermionic EP – Cyphon Recordings

Operating under his Terrace guise Stefan Robbers delivers on the promise of excellence with four new hedonistic productions. It’s hard to escape the explosive, excitable turmoil generated by Territorial as beats alongside bass undulate across the stereo, accompanied by an incendiary flair of dazzling, melodic electronics singing loudly like the anthem has already begun. Next, Thermon haunts the airwaves with notes plucked from Electro’s vital past while injecting a warm strangeness throughout its series of intense, fizzy rhythms. The party continues next via the uplifting swirl of Woodward, feeling provocative as rolling arpeggios crystallise temptation into an exultation of dancefloor participation. Leaving the modular suggestion of Ritual to excite in darker ways, while again reaching a sense of climax as drum machines fuse together with an expanse of futuristic, atmospheric knowledge.

Release: July 21
buy https://eevo-terrace.bandcamp.com/album/thermionic-ep https://linktr.ee/cyphonrecordings

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