The Broken Cradle – The Burial of the Dead

Who said music was easy. Or it was about the industry of feeling good. Or wiping your mind clean of distraction. Or being childish to subvert being adult. Inspired by “The Waste Land” by T.S. Eliot art should precisely never be about any of those things. The act of listening to music can a reflective/ corrective process in itself and this is the point at which this album from The Broken Cradle hits home. Fragments of talking inspire, leaving music to haunt the ether during the time that soul is being sought in the hidden expanse of imaginary keyboards, drones and whirs. Memory And Desire (for one) is a truly wonderful piece of music that makes you smile as much as it suggests a contrasting reality. The Burial of the Dead is likewise another awe-inspiring album from The Broken Cradle generating an effervescent heat within repeating moments of happy/ sad that carefully capture the disruptive musical reflections of time and emotion. It is also definitely one which acts as an important document to accompany the human condition. Before, during and after…

Release: December 7

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