Theodore Wild Ride – Theodore Wild Ride – Icarus Records & Consouling Sounds

On a final note this week comes a highly recommended album from Christine Ott, Mathieu Gabry and Ophir Levy collectively known as Theodore Wild Ride who have produced a magical blend of classical and electronic reference points linking each avenue form A-Z. At times this is haunting and melancholic at others soaring and heavenly. Listening, or rather experiencing, the music contained within is thrilling because you don’t know which twist or turn is going to occur next, also because the influences which appear apparent are diverse like the sound of world turning. In the end it’s all down the reverberation accompanying the space that expands around the stringed instruments as they play, complimented by an evocative use of recording process capturing each sound and washing it with emotion. Again and as with all important sequences of music this is about the sum of its parts, rather than picking out one particular track. This is music that speaks to you in reverential tones.


Theodore Wild Ride · Paoha
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