Tibi Dabo – Vista – Crosstown Rebels

The playful sense of being rebellious neatly criss-crosses this album from Tibi Dabo adding sounds where you wouldn’t always expect them, while combining an exciting array of influences, then transforming them all into his own unique way of thinking. So much so that every track may, or may not, suit your taste.

If little else the selection of tracks acts much like a roller-coaster of emotions as the music elevates, falls and reignites the senses via rhythm and the rush of heady atmospheres competing for abrupt attention. Beginning from the sheer, ruckus energy of the opening Water Is to the smoother, lusciously deep cool of the proceeding Somewhere Beach impulses are acted upon, reviving memories like travelogue of ideas. Words are kept to a bare minimum across Vista instead relying on the power of the music itself to offer explanation, which is does succinctly on the more spacious numbers such as the intoxicating Diamond Baby. Leaving the listener to revel in the party of ecstatic moments generated by the uplift of Overture as it completes this expanse of movement, celebrating the joy of occasion.

Release: September 29
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Crosstown Rebels · Tibi Dabo – Overture
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