Tobias Schmid – THE FU EP – And Music

Outstanding. Music which explodes the myth of nostalgia by crisscrossing influences, while being plugged into the here and right now, is where it is always going to be at. Tobias Schmid dives into past reference points then fuses them excitedly together via a soaring, searing invocation of bursts of electrical energy like life depended on it, Acid 672. Reminiscent of the brilliance of past European music and yet completely 2021. As is the proceeding PVSHL-202PVSHL-202 which hits you with shimmering waves of synthesised rhythm coupled with a brutal, lush intensity. As does Tensnake’s Quarantine Remix of Acid 672 probing at edges, adding a heavier feel in notable contrast. Leaving the grainy, risky elements of Glimmer Schwarzes Kerosin to cause friction with the senses while ending this excellent release via the flair of creative illumination.

Release: February 19

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