Tone of Arc – The Hard Road EP – IAMHER Records

A piece of music which captures your undivided attention in moments is
something to cherish in days of boring repetition, endlessly repeating what has
gone before. Also, and importantly, this is a song communicating thoughts to
you in words. Which likewise seems increasingly rare within electrical genres. Musically it is evocative, driven by drums and the spirit of adventure moving in forward motion, the direction music should be heading. It also feels like a late-night adventure of tall tales and suggestive excess.

A great selection of remixes follow each provoking their own atmospheric release, retelling the voice in a series of different ways, via Meloko & Selim Silvade, Roman Shazse, along with a Dove City version. Though for me it’s the definitive allure of the original that captures the smouldering mood so well.

Release: November 17
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