Tony Lionni interview

Your next single Higher Ground is released February. What is the inspiration behind the track and tell us about your relationship with Freerange?

The Ep was inspired by listening to Freerange records back catalogue of music keeping in line with the labels dedication to quality House music for the last 15 years. Freerange is one of my regular labels I like to contribute to as I feel I can communicate and relate with both the label owners Jamie Jimpster and Tom.
What influences inform your music, are they all Dance?

At home I listen to Contemporary Jazz, classical, Neo soul, soul, etc anything but house music. I get inspiration when travelling, cycling, walking, visiting art galleries, good clothes.

Do you have a favourite instrument or piece of software you like to use in the studio – how do you typically go about writing music?

I work with Ableton and my main keyboard is a Yamaha Mo6 like what 90% of Neo soul RnB etc musicians use for its good natural sounds, Rhodes and Piano. When I write something I never sit down and think ok I am going to write this type of track or that. I sometimes have a few samples I would like to use and build a track from there. I basically start every track with a blank canvas and see what evolves.

You experienced the development of House Music in Manchester in the late eighties/early nineties. How does that experience compare with living and what’s happening with the club scene in Berlin?
I experienced house music from its very first arrival in the UK Manchester. I remember how people didn’t know how to react or whether to accept house music as a real form of music and extension of soul music. I remember being at a famous Manchester night club called “Legends” during a soul all nighter and during the House half hour the Dj got on the Microphone and took the piss out of one of the first Acid teds we called them, Smiley T-shirt long hair, whistle etc and said Ha that guy thinks he´s Jesus….you had to be there to appreciate it.
I can’t really comment on the Berlin club scene.

Can you tell us about what your plans are for 2012?
Next release is Higher Ground named after the Stevie Wonder track as I’ve always been a massive fan released on Freerange records Feb 2012. A remix of Ron Carroll’s track Back Together out anytime now on Soulfuric, available on Traxsource. Also working on a 10 track album which I may release on Kerri Chandlers Madhouse record label this year.



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