Tour-Maubourg – Paradis Artificiels – Pont Neuf Records

Building upon ideas freed over the course of this year’s distress and distraction is the exciting notion that music can be much more than simply arrangements for the dancefloor. The architecture of which can sometimes be formulaic and uninteresting, almost too reliant on the past for fresh inspiration. Tour-Maubourg’s excellent debut album is a joy to listen to as it delves deep into atmosphere while retaining the sense of rhythm and movement which informs us all. There is even a tastefully jazzy distraction in the shape of Saint Thé à la Menthe complete with intensely rich drums and smoky muted trumpet, as well as a delicious nod to Soul on Ode To Love, leaving you in the end with the punch of positivity on Les Mots. But not before delivering a series of crunchy numbers that revitalise the release of night-time energy such as the dance tempo of L’invitation au Voyage and Diffraction Rythmique, or there’s the free verse of Saint Thé à la Menthe and the elegant fizzy Acid of Le Vol du Corbeau. All of which resolutely proves the point being crafted.


House Six · PREMIERE: Tour-Maubourg – Saint Thé À La Menthe

Novaj 新し · Tour-Maubourg – L’invitation Au Voyage
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