Twin TM – Keeper of the threshold EP – aspect music / MY KING IS LIGHT

Beginning the happier New Year by revisiting a record released almost a decade ago (now available digitally) doesn’t necessarily make sense as Magazine Sixty strives to highlight what is new within particular fields of music and their emotional consequence. But then again we are talking about the production ethics that fuel, Thomas Melchior’s label which if nothing else are very much about the expansion of forward-thinking. In this instance alongside Bruno Maman and Tim Hutton under the acronym Twin TM, Keeper of the threshold boasts a lesson in bold bass, insistent drums plus an unnerving energy that pulls together various influences from nineties garage to twisted electronica , yet feels feels defiantly contemporary. That sentiment continues in Let’s get the party on which starts with a funky flair and ends up blending Acid into the mix. The excellent The fall of the house of shadows then ends the release with darker rhythms coloured by emotive synthesizers alongside a rush of grainy percussion plus a brutal rumble of low-end.


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