vaghy – Minimalism – Théque Records

Minimalism is a word that is accompanied by certain expectations. In the wrong hands the music can be stripped of meaning whittled down to a bland, tireless repetition that has little to do with expression. In the hands of vaghy however it is a heart-warming experience. The notes roll full of intention while conjuring up a crisscross of time, place and the emotion of memory, beautifully illustrated. If you like music that brushes between happy/sad then this is most clearly for you.

Feeling strictly contemporary in a classical setting the piano is often played alongside electronic treatments amid the whir of analogue machines lending it all a mysterious, searching quality such as on Tripping. Then there is the tear jerked Lonely to find yourself lost in, strange but you can almost hear the echo of something fimiliar ring throughout its melody. I could go on but let’s end with Rain which ironically evokes a sense of forward looking joy. A rather gorgeous album.

Release: February 18

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