various artists – 18.1- Plant 74

Of course, Plant 74 feels like a return to nature in contrast. Not so much organically but certainly in an emotionally honest sense. This collection of five tracks from five artists begins with Sapurra’s brutal realisation in Somnambulant which delivers hard on floor kicks plus bass alongside tense atmosphere’s generated via waves of smoky synths. Koett’s ultra-hot Space Invaders brims with Acid excitement and whirring bass next, as the excellent Can’t Control by Denis Shubin fills the stereo expanse with life-affirming pads and yearning vocals. Peter Lankton’s Dub One then adds a grainer resolution to his production fussing compelling moods together with shuffling drums and melodic punctuation. Leaving the undulating funkiness of Rawman & Inga! Breath to complete this cool collection of music with minimal, repeating rushes of emotionally charged notes to heighten satisfaction.

Release: April 25

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