Various Artists – Kindisch 2017 – Kindisch

As the title prompts this is a gathering of the labels finer moments from over the year which to be fair have thrown more than one gem along the way. Highlighting this collection of excellent, important sounds begins with the deeply, heart-tearing strains of ‘Sun Salute’ by atish, Bengal. The rich, beautiful intensity then continues via the apt ‘Magic Footsteps’ explored by Modd which is complimented by the swirling rush of DAVI’s ‘Kayser Soze’ next. Moods then proceed to lift and fall over a total of 17 complimenting pieces of music that include Franck D’s hyper ‘Feelin’ plus Sandro Beninati’s rolling ‘Night Mode’ which also concludes the selection. Typifying a great year for both creative, forward-pointing electronic music and for Get Physical’s sister label. Let’s see and hear just what happens next emanating out of Berlin while moving into 2018.

Release: December 22

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