Vince Watson – Another Moment In Time – Everysoul

Like reconnecting with an old friend Another Moment In Time follows up on the promise given by Moments In Time some twenty years previous to this latest continuation of the concept. I guess what immediately strikes you here is the sheer depth of emotion the music touches upon throughout each consecutive number, so much so that it feels like home. Maybe that’s why I see Frankie Knuckles smile when I listen to this album, certainly its sublime, spine-tingling title track with its rush of timely piano, classic strings and throbbing beats and bass. That and the important influences from past and present as they seep through the grooves, oozing with soulful notes. Indeed, as the album gathers pace it starts to feel as if all of the best bits of House Music’s chequered history have been collated, then channelled, to produce a brushstroke with time which happily sees images and sounds rekindled in your mind as a way of celebrating. But of course that is the power of music to instigate and to transform. Try, Lost In The Deep for a slice of excellence via its big chord configurations driving you all the way to heaven, or the drum free resonance of the mind-expanding, Sleep as it closes the session with a deft yet powerful journey into the ether. A pleasure.

Release: September 15

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