Vinny Villbass Q&A

Welcome to Magazine Sixty, Vinny. Your new single, Trust is released on Oslo label: badabing diskos. Tell us about what the tracks title means for you?

Thanks. «Trust» is an interesting thing. One thing is the importance of trust between people, both geopolitically and socially. But one question that has become equally important after the isolation during the pandemic is: Do you trust yourself? Who are you as a person without the collective safety net? And do you need to trust yourself in order to trust others? Trust is quite a rabbit hole if you have too much time thinking about it.

The title is my hope for a little bit more «Trust» in this world. It’s a fine thing!

You also provide the vocals, how important do you think words are in Dance Music given the amount of instrumentals around?

This track was made in the darkest time of the pandemic, so this vocal is more a scream for help and anti-social frustration (HELLO… IS ANYBODY OUT THERE), then any (if any) importance of including words in dance music. But I definitely mean that vocal in club music should be more on the poetic side than some kind of concrete meaning. The meditative part of dance music is fragile, so better to leave it up to the clubber to define an actual meaning to the lyrics. Also, the voice is the most intense instrument that we have, so it should only be used with love and care. Not sure this scream for attention is though, so you are more than welcome to skip to the instrumental version.

The label was set up this year and this is the third release. How have you found the experience so far? Have you discovered any particular positives or negatives to running your own label?

I have been involved in a few labels thru the years, and there are 2 important things running your own:

  • You don’t have to wait forever and ever to get the tracks out.
  • You can involve your favorite people and create a collective of likeminded.

We are already a colorful bouquet of house music enthusiasts in Oslo releasing on badabing.diskos in near future, and playing at our monthly badabing nights thats been running for 10 years. Sommerfeldt, Frifot, diskJokke, Boblebad, LAFT, Sounds of the Suburbs, etc..

Talk us through how you produced Trust. Do you start with a single idea or can it be inspired by something outside of music? Do you have any favourite pieces of software / hardware you like to use?

I am very analogue when I produce. I don’t use sequencers and play everything by hand on my synths to get a human groove to it all. I usually start of with creating a loop of synth layers that should sound warm, but also driving. After that I start filling in with drums sounds and percussive synth sounds that enhance the groove. Then I layer out the structure of the track and start with the details. Well, for this track anyway. I try to do it differently every time. Repetition has never been my strongest side. I enjoy detailed changes over time.. It is way too much boring loops in club music these days. But luckily you have people like Four Tet, Bonobo, Bicep etc pushing boundaries of sound collages.

How would you describe the club scene in Oslo? Any recommendations for bars, restaurants to visit also?

Oslo is still a very small city, but a lot has happened the last 5 years. Its turned more international in many ways, with its fantastic restaurants, food courts, bars and cafe’s. But the clubs are still very restricted by governmental laws about closing hours and alcohol restrictions. We might be the only country in the world where we have governmental nightlife spies going undercover to make sure the clubs follow the rules. I definitely think that a government undermines people’s ability to develop their own moral if you introduce too many unnecessary laws. In that sense I do miss Berlin and the community-driven freedom aspect you experience there.

Outside of club music what are your most important influences/ (any painters, writers etc)

Nature expands my senses. I love to be at my 300 year old cabin in the mountains and smell the fresh air, feel the wind in my face, while practicing some meditative outdoor carpenting.

How do you see the future in terms of how artists, musicians will be able to make money regarding streaming etc?

The club and concert scene is going to be more local in the future. More local residencies on clubs, which makes sense also in an economical way, because you reduce the unnecessary costs of flights, hotels etc.. and the impact on nature. So stay true to your local crowds!

When it comes to selling music, bandcamp and new sites alike are going to take over for todays horrible income distribution from sites like spotify. SHAME! And also, the best labels today earn more money on selling merch online than on music. So watch out for badabing coffee mugz and organic tooth picks.

You play guitar in diskJokke. How did you learn to play and what is your favourite guitar?

Diskjokke is my dj partner since 2000, and when he released his first album, we got our heads together to perform his music like a band. At the moment I could only play «nothing else matters» by Metallica, but luckily we toured enough for me to learn how to play properly.
I bought my Fender Telecaster in Hamburg when I visited to DJ for the Minimal Anders guys in 2010. Loads of fun, I wonder if they are still throwing parties in this super harbour warehouse… 🙂

Les Yeux Orange · PREMIERE : DiskJokke – A Little TnT

Tell us about your involvement with Osloclubcast and the importance of radio in 2022?

I started OsloClubCast back in 2012, as a promotional channel for the Oslo club scene, first internally in Oslo, but the later years thru international concert videos to promote Norwegian club music. I now run OsloClubCast together with my man Daniel Vaz, and we have a youtube channel with more than 50 000 views. So the importance of radio is still huge, but FM transmitters has been replaced by youtube, soundcloud and spotify playlists.

People need music more than ever. The importance of a hug has never been more relevant. So please go out, dance, hug your friends, and find your inner rhythm. This is why our slogan for the badabing club nights is: «Come alone, come together»

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