Void Complet – Hey Look I Know – Duga Records

Located somewhere in-between the whirring flirtations of voice and accompanying keys are a set of beautifully tuned, exceptional drums. Hey Look I Know could be said to be trance like in so far as its series of repetitions draw you close into heightened states of awareness with the sudden exception of piano shaking appearances. I love the intrigue, the curiosity about it all suggesting that thought processes are ignited rather than fed with cold, uninteresting formulas espoused by a string of cliques so far this year. Arriving as two versions with the original shinning via a wash of uplifting pads, the self-explanatory Void Complet’s Dark Dub Inversion then dips under the radar to serve up delicious rhythms and smouldering moods in abundance.

Release: December 16
Buy https://voidcomplet.bandcamp.com/album/hey-look-i-know

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