VONDA7 – Wide Awake EP – W&O Street Tracks

Almost saving the best till last W&O let VONDA7’s killer statement of intent complete December’s festivities in all sorts of tempting ways. Up-tempo beats push this captivating production forward as hints of melody only enhance the experience, while the artists own voice delivers the message you need to hear. There’s something altogether urgent about it all which of course only adds to the anticipation, but that aside this is a distinctive, forming its own unique space, sort of release and as such deserves every praise. A Satisfying Choice, follows with twisted synth lines working their way around punchy drum machines amid suggestive voices, leaving the title track to reimagine a slice of 1980’s sleaze that hits hard and heavy with deep bass plus repeating electronic motifs creating dangerously compelling moods.

Release: December 14


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