Waltervelt – Turbo Sequencer EP – Ellum Audio

The mixture of palpable excitement and sheer happiness when you hear music as sublimely unique such as on Turbo Sequencer makes it all worthwhile. The title track itself is underpinned by a series of hot kick drums, a roll of toms alongside a fizzy whir of electricity the production also punches hard with stabbing basslines and yet remains resolutely funky. Next is the fundamentally brutal, The Sideral following with slamming beats undercutting a whirlwind of emotionally charged keys defiantly occupying the stomping ground between House and Techno. Then the perkier, more melodic infusion of synthesised melodies strike the balance perfectly on Magman pt2 feeling like a celebration that is wonderfully European, leaving the incendiary Acid of Invisible to complete this excellent release of sounds, ideas amid motion. Get excited.

Release: April 30
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