Warriors of the Dystotheque ft. Ashley Slater – Be My Star / Beachside Drive – DSPPR

Sometimes you don’t need to think about music you just need to feel it. Falling in line with the soulful tradition this smouldering, emotionally intelligent song occupies the space between craft and care filling the airwaves with life-affirming vibes alongside an evocative, gentle shuffle of rhythm. Rolling off a forthcoming album, It’s a Beautiful Thing which certainly seems like the appropriate title, Be My star displays the full song in all its cool, reflective wonder and is accompanied by an instrumental version in Beachside Drive. Either way, a celebration of good things.

Release: July 18
Buy / listen https://www.junodownload.com/products/warriors-of-the-be-my-star-beachside-drive/6207206-02/ https://dsppr.bandcamp.com

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