Wonderful Beasts – The Art Of Whisper – Wormhole World

This next communication from Wonderful Beasts expands the velocity of meaning as their debut album seeks out fresh pasture. Wonderful Beasts are of course the gathered creative thoughts of boycalledcrow and Xqui. They produce music that combines a diverse range of feelings that sometimes escapes into the beyond, while at others aim straight for the heart. Employing words such as ambience is redundant here as the sounds collate in live, organic ways brushing the airwaves with meaningful expression. Unlike many of their contemporaries each of the pieces explores new avenues with notes and atmospheres not relying on easy options. Occasionally using drum beats such as on the pounding She is The melody Man, then grainy industrial landscapes shape Into the Emerald Eye, contrasting ideas defy expectations and that’s what is most intriguing about it all. There is an experimental element very much at play here just as there are moments of contemplative reassurance escaping the boundaries of other forms of electronic music. But enough words for now. Seek this out and experience the art of the possible.

Release: March 20

buy https://wormholeworld.bandcamp.com/album/the-art-of-whisper


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