WotD – Korean Frequency / Hashish Dreams – DSPPR

Chord progresses seek to enliven, refreshing the nature of the soul and is patently apparent here, Korean Frequency captures your heart instantaneously. Its dreamy, organic sequences fly free with notions of jazzy heavens, opening out onto a chorus of funkiness, as synthesisers soar while the accompanying drums and bass, simmer and groove. Proving to be life enhancing.

Hashish Dreams, featuring Deep Division’s Stevie Overend, perhaps not surprisingly, dances around a haze of breezy, exquisite piano with consummate ease, delighting in equal measure as hot rhythms ignite, firing up the senses in an explosion of colourful array. Once again another very fine piece of live music from Warriors of the Dystotheque to tune into.

Release: October 19

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