WTCHCRFT – ILA025 – I Love Acid

What can you say about this record apart from listen to it played loud in a dark, illuminated space. It saying something dangerous, unexpected but in in a completely comprehensible language, whether you experienced 1988 or not. Normally detuned voices leave me cold but there something about the nasty nature of the voice fuelling Merde Acid that is easily excitable, that plus the electro pulses serving as drums alongside the furious injection of Acid. Hoom, follows in a similar vein although with more bounce to the rhythm, then the hyper tension of All D Time On Mi Mind contrasts the state of mind in rigorous breakneck fashion. An excellent Elisa Bee Remix is next compounding the brutal elements of bass and a welcome flash of warm musicality. Leaving the sincerely apt, Nonsense Acid to end by flexing muscles in amongst the shuffle of hot-wired drum machines. Breathless.

Release: June 9
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I Love Acid · WTCHCRFT – ILA025 [preview clips]
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