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Your new album: The House Of X-Press 2 features many collaborations. Who have you most enjoyed working with and why?

I don’t think it would be fair to favour any one person over the others. We’ve loved working with every single one of them for different reasons. Each one of our collaborators have been totally into their respective project and everyone has given 150%.

How do you approach production, any favourite pieces of equipment/ software?

To be honest we’ve never been trained in the tech side of things although Rocky is in the middle of an Ableton course as we speak (only 20 years late!!) We’ve always looked to our huge record collections for our inspiration over the years and continue to do so today. When we’re in the studio, pretty much everything we do now is worked on in Ableton, hence the reason for Rocky’s course.

Tell us about how your style of Dj’ing – what do you like to use to play on etc?

Nowadays we just use CDJs, playing only CDs although we have started using the newer CDJs which enable you to play via a USB stick. It’s certainly a long way away from lugging 2 heavy record boxes all over the gaff.

How would you say the Dance Music scene has evolved since you first started out – what do you see as the positives and negatives?

I think the whole access ability thing has changed it all so much over the years. When we started going out there were no dance music magazines or websites to tell you what was going on. You had to go out and find stuff for yourself. This could also be viewed as a positive I suppose but I still feel that nothing tell has a chance to grow organically any more. As soon as something happens, the whole world knows about it within seconds.

What are you listening to at home right now?

The BBC London News.

‘The House Of X-press-2’ is released: 23 Jan 2012





The House of X-Press 2 – 1st December 2011 by Xpress2 on Mixcloud

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