Yair Elazar Glotman – Speculative Memories – SA Recordings

It gets to the point where it’s hard to land on certain adjectives to suitably describe the state of being surrounding a piece of music. It’s not that words are not enough, it is just that the depth of emotion pulled out from the psyche can provoke almost too much in its wake. Yair Elazar Glotman’s music feels brilliantly resilient, purposefully poignant like it is pushing you to encounter each sound, to feel something, to tell you something.

A child, seems deeply personal like you have not been invited into the story told, yet it is about empathy, as in we are all joined together by a thread of common musical humanity, shared and sharing. It is tender and heavy. Perhaps that is an apt way to describe the sights and sounds as they traverse depth of meaning on each number. Either way this is a most rewarding listen. Evocative and inflammatory much like the world is.

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