YokoO – Jivanmuktih – Rebellion

YokoO’s excellent new release for the Crosstown Rebels offshoot sees the artist fire on all cylinders. There is an innately deep quality to each of these productions that doesn’t undersell either a sense of funk or emotional intensity beginning with the undulating stabs and subtle, teasing synth lines driving Higher State into distraction. The tempting Acid infused collaboration with Bobi Stevkovski then takes shape in the spiritually charged form of Spiritus Sexualem, watch out for the devilish voices, while the liquid grooves of Finis deliver an exercise in inescapabilty vigorous movement. Jivanmuktih completes the release of energy this time working fiery drums together with heavy-duty bass plus an assortment of heady treatments that are little short of magical, while hinting at ecstasy.

Release: January 29

buy / listen https://www.beatport.com/release/jivanmuktih-ep/3246536


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