Yoni Yarchi & Tal Tager – In Another Dimension – Loot Recordings

So ok, we’re jumping the gun ever so slightly here as this is not released until January but then again why not, when music is this exceptional you just can’t hold it back. Yoni Yarchi & Tal Tager produced the equally stunning ‘Tel Aviv Morning’ last year for the label and if they’re distinctive, emotionally charged music turned up on your radar then, In Another Dimension will not let you down either. In fact, in ways this takes all that resonates with the pair and pushes it further still, exploring all that fervent sensibility until this appeared. Perfectly formed. The organic appeal of piano and guitar motifs are expressed beautifully as a haunting sense of expectation gathers pace against the backdrop of shuffling drum machines, alongside re-occurring pads and complimenting drones. Two excellent remixes enhance the original beginning with Powel who adds a more pondering application of melancholy accentuating the piano plus chiming, persuasive percussion and redolent dreamy escapes all the way home. Next, Rancido excites the darker aspects with moodier keys playing out across tough drums resulting in yet another great production. I suspect (and hope) there is an album forthcoming to let their imaginations fly free over an extended period of time!?!

Release: January 26. 2018.


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