Yoni Yarchi & Tal Tager Q&A

Hello and welcome to Magazine Sixty, Yoni Yarchi & Tal Tager. First of all thank you for ‘Tel Aviv Morning’ one of my favourite records from last year. Could we start by asking about how you translate the visual into music and is observing images more inspirational than beginning with a singular sound?

Well first of, thank you very much for honoring us with this interview and for the genuine compliment about “Tel Aviv Morning”. We couldn’t be happier about the love, support and positive feedback we’ve received because of it. So let’s begin. As far as visuals, as we produce our tracks, lately we have gotten pretty deep into what’s called “Emotive House” now a days. Those dreamy sounds which makes your body and soul feels as if you were floating somewhere magical, peaceful, maybe somewhere better where you can be your 100 percent true self. I guess that answers the visuals and inspiration. As we produce, hoping to reach such a place, if not physically, then definitely mentally and emotionally.

Your new single for Loot Recordings ‘In Another Dimension’ is equally life-affirming. Can you talk us through the initial ideas and how they were then produced, including any favorite studio hardware/ software you particularly like to use?

We have produced the track in two different sides of the globe via remote control. Yoni is based in Tel Aviv, Israel & Tal is in Houston, Texas. In a way it was feeling at times as if we are communicating through different dimensions. The only way for us to communicate during the work flow is via social media and other devices. During moments of writers block, we were messing around at times until we came up with the idea to name the track “In Another Dimension”. Reflecting our communication between the dimensions. Mainly we have been using the base of every track, Logic Pro X with Adam Monitors, RME Babyface Card, Bluebird Mic, Zoom H4N used to record Tribal Kids, Birds and Forest Atmosphere, Dynaudio MK2’s.

You aren’t afraid of using more traditional instruments in the production such as guitar and piano. I was wondering about the sorts of musicians that have influenced you outside of Dance Music?

We are huge believers in the organic aspects of live instruments. Yoni comes from a classic background of piano and guitars. As for me (Tal), I’ve been a drummer and percussionist since I can remember myself tapping on whatever moves at the age of six. From there it was all self-taught. We love and are influenced from basically almost all types of music. We are both huge fans of Enigma, 80’s and 90’s freaks. So that means anything from Sade, Genesis, The Cars, Tears For Fears, Billy Idol, A-HA, Mike & The Mechanics, Santana to early 90’s Hip-Hop & Rap, 2Pac, Notorious, Warren G, Coolio, as well as the standard stuff like classical symphony music, such as Hans Zimmer. Sure most Deep House producers will include him in their inspiration for the fact that the man is simply a genius with every creation.

Tell us about the choice of remixers for the track: Powel and Rancido?

Well for the fact, this time we both really value the track and think it deserves nothing but the best creative remake. There are only certain individuals out there which are leading the scene musically that we’ve both, including Kered from Loot Recordings – the man with the plan, we would like to give that opportunity. The purpose was to aim big so we offered it to many. Some were occupied with busy schedules and some just don’t do remixes no more. For the fact we all agreed on two different remixes then we wanted each to be as different, but unique and we couldn’t ask for more. Powell of “All Day I Dream” which everything about the label and the army of creative minds behind it is influencing us, plus he’s got a very unique classical style to his tracks that we love. We admire Rancido and his music, especially his affiliation with “Innervisions” of Dixon & Ame which we’re both huge fans of for years now. The tribal, African roots of his deep melodic productions fits perfectly.

How did your Technique Radio Show on HFM IBIZA come about? Why do you think radio is still such a powerful force in the on-line world after decades as a medium across the airwaves?

Technique Radio Show actually started from a weekly podcast Yoni and myself were mixing on a weekly basis. We share this weekly with a solo mix from one of us and alternate. The shows slogan is “TECHing you on a musical journey with our own unique Technique” For the reason each mix is totally improvised and recorded on the spot with a variety of different mixing skills and techniques unique to each one of us. Then here we are a few episodes in with some lack of consistency and there came that huge offer/opportunity to get featured with a weekly radio show on one of Ibiza’s biggest radio stations among some of the pioneers we grew up on. Chus & Ceballos, Roger Sanchez, Chicane, Ferry Corsten, RobbIe Rivera & Cosmic Gate and many others have shows too, as well as some of the leading acts of today’s scene. Guys like Claptone, Coyu, Oscar L and more. Yoni and I have both dreamed about going to Ibiza and eventually spinning there some day and ironically, we are broadcasting a weekly radio show without stepping foot on that magical island. Maybe someday!


What is the best thing about DJ’ing?

We’re glad you asked this! We’ve been waiting to be asked so we can shine some light on that. It can mean many things to many different individuals, but when comes to me (Tal) and in general to the both of us, it goes deeper than deep. Djing is literally everything. It’s like water which equals life. Wouldn’t change nor will you be able to go without it. It keeps us alive during life’s rollercoaster, which at times can be pretty rough ride. From the day of the gig, as you’re getting new music and preparing yourself, it takes you and the dance floor on a musical journey. As it depends on the night, the venue and hours, if we get the chance to go deep and emotional, then it means something deep and meaningful to us. In a way, which is hard to explain at times, it ends with some lessons learned, but it always, without a doubt, also finishes with a big smile and satisfaction. To be able to give such a gift on the dancers, DJing is the best feeling. You are giving people the therapy they need to let go, be themselves and also weather they are aware or not, the only way for them to communicate and see the natural human connection without the decision of color and race.

What for you makes music underground – is sometimes feels like a debate between melody, emotion and rhythm? How do you see the balance between protecting it from ever expanding commercial interests and big money?

That’s as well a great question. What makes music underground for us is the forward thinking, blending tons of elements and creating something unique that one must be advanced with intelligent in order to like and to get for the fact now a days a lot of the House/Techno tracks has got no lyrics whatsoever which means you have got to understand sounds and frequencies to really get the message behind them which is done only with the spirit and body cause of emotions/feelings. Underground music speaks the truth. Anyone can produce something catchy with lyrics that rhymes, yet means absolutely nothing or creates a division with hate to one another. Guns, clubs, popping bottles, degrading sex with catchy beat? No no, that isn’t the message here. Love, unity, joy, happiness, moving and grooving as one under one roof, yes that is definitely how we see it. It’s about cutting edge, and in a way, trying to “break the rules of music”. Being what’s called a sheep, but not the one who follows, the one who leads and make others follow. Now that is our definition of underground house music!

 And finally. What are your plans moving into 2018?

2018 is gonna be big, busy and productive for us as we are planning on getting a full Live PA going, a debut artist album, weekly up and coming acts on our Technique Radio Show, maybe change or should I say add to our sound a bit more verity as we are both coming from more dark percussive tribally tech/techno? And overall, one of the main goals is to take our sound internationally with more club gigs in order to share our vision, spread the unity message for hours on the dance floor. Yoni is the brother I’ve never had for life. We are not just music partners, but share a special friendship that goes very deep!




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