Yulia Niko, Enzo Leep – Nobusan – Libe Vibe

The next release on Yulia Niko’s Libe Vibe imprint comes packed full of remixes but let’s begin with the Rich NxT version. Nobusan plays like a heady concoction of moods, influences and styles as rave-era stabs sit neatly alongside pounding drums and bass, sizzling Acid tweaks plus spacey effects and vocal edits. Put it this way it’s all about hot, unrelenting intensity from the Fuse resident. Next, the Matheiu Analog Juice take plunges matters deeper with moodier atmospheres, while Giorgio Maulini’s remix contrasts nicely by again rasing the temperature via uplifting pads and insistent drums. Then it’s Saktu who delivers punchy, undulating rhythms with defiant flair across seven plus minutes. And finally we’re back to the original joint collaboration with Enzo Leep which is also excellent in itself. Driven by fierce percussion, pulsating low-end theory and a welcome musical twist this touches all points in quick succession.

Release: May 20


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