zlene & Mathias Hinds – Djup Trolling – Seaweed Rhythm

The connection to and from the imagination of liquid is clear while the sounds come fully charged with soulful depth. The results are consequently deep, organically connected and emotionally satisfying in abundance. As good music should also be interesting, stimulating five senses this succeeds at all while pointing to forward directions in contemporary fashion. Djup Trolling is very much about layers of sound and rhythm gathering intensity doing so eloquently across the arrangement, warm bass and shuffling percussion included. Rowlanz adds extra grit and a faster feeling tempo, Per Hammar then drops the flair of Acid drenched fire into its core resulting in the challenge of equally vigorous movement. (50% of all digital sales go to various water wildlife foundations and projects.)

Release: February 18

buy / listen https://www.junodownload.com/products/918-lene-mathias-hinds-djup-trolling/4951714-02/


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