Afterlife – Rising Up – Subatomic

A song for our times. Rising Up sums up the yin and yang transcribing the capacity of music to effect the possibility of positive change. I think this has to be one of my favourite Afterlife compositions to date, something to do with that meandering, warm bass and pads accompanied by a summer of excitement as the sounds dance, tempting fate. Then that beautiful piano appears in a short burst.

The slightly surreal Casual Bungalow dives into suburban bliss next relaxing the tempo with some serious vibes, smooth and low. Then what can you really say about Medicine Man apart from soak up that wondrous journey all for yourself, it’s a glorious piece of music primed to expand mind, body and much else besides. Which leaves us at the point of no return with the final, tense pulse of Way Out West ending on a series of captivating chords plus a seductive shuffle of melodic inclination, best described as hot sublimity causing synthesizers to soar and burn.


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