Adam Curtain – One Track Mind – Lovecrimes

The title track sees Adam Curtain join forces with vocalist Gloria Adereti and co-producer Jack Riley to deliver a hint of 90’s referencing soulfully charged House that produces most welcome results. Dancing on tribal beats, gritty hi-hats and a brooding bassline the vocals proceed to add the human touch to this commanding arrangement of sounds. Alex Arnout then gives it all a funkier feeling via the combination of shuffling percussion along with cool keys and a reduction of the vocals on his great remix. Clunk a Trunk, hits Chicago with its inescapably pumping bassline, insistent synths and surge of sound effects colouring in the spaces. Leaving OD3 to end with further invigorating bass and this time Acid lines adding their own unique edge to the production accompanyied by splashes of ‘Oh Baby’ vocals.

Release: February 3

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