Andre Salmon – The Return Of Mykee Jacksee EP – Leftroom Limited

Leftroom return to the fray with this great release from Andre Salmon who neatly infuses the uber funky, shuffling bassline and drums of the title track together with the sleazy, breathy curiosity of effected vocals. An inventive, playful production for sure and one that sits proudly on the label. A Dub follows engaging the trippy aspects of the arrangement, although you do miss the rush of all those heavily treated vocals meandering around the airwaves. Next, The 93 feat. Mr. Bud tightens up the rhythms with a taught selection of sounds that invigorate robustly while again applying a creative sense of dub to the process. Alex Arnout then delivers a sure-fire rendition that captures the spirit of the original and extends the intensity as the grinding drums pound more intently alongside the captivating vocals and insistent keys.

Release: March 17


Adam Curtain – One Track Mind – Lovecrimes

The title track sees Adam Curtain join forces with vocalist Gloria Adereti and co-producer Jack Riley to deliver a hint of 90’s referencing soulfully charged House that produces most welcome results. Dancing on tribal beats, gritty hi-hats and a brooding bassline the vocals proceed to add the human touch to this commanding arrangement of sounds. Alex Arnout then gives it all a funkier feeling via the combination of shuffling percussion along with cool keys and a reduction of the vocals on his great remix. Clunk a Trunk, hits Chicago with its inescapably pumping bassline, insistent synths and surge of sound effects colouring in the spaces. Leaving OD3 to end with further invigorating bass and this time Acid lines adding their own unique edge to the production accompanyied by splashes of ‘Oh Baby’ vocals.

Release: February 3



blackBlack Booby & Gene Hunt
BB-04 (A tribute to Ron Hardy)
Black Booby

The label copy reads: ‘This release is dedicated to the master of the Edit Mr. Ron Hardy, The Music Box and all those involved’. So no doubt this a family vibe that we can all be part of. Side A opens with two from Chicago’s legendary Gene Hunt beginning with Is the Color and its infusion of what’s best described as spacey, jazzy funkiness played out over tough beats with the sample not fully resolving until some six and half minutes into the frenzied journey. Second is LSD Hootie which I guess is an easy give away re-tweaking classic Acid, making you all at once nostalgic, with all those drum machine sounds alongside the 909 sounding effortlessly timeless. Black Booby finish the release with 4 Ron by propelling almost eleven minutes of Disco blended bliss that touches upon many of the tracks that the original ‘master of the edit’ made his own. Inspirational.

release: June….html


Andrea Bigi & Marius Laurentiu
Music, Love & Romance EP
Catwash Records

You can always rely on something exciting to happen via DJ W!LD and with this latest release on Catwash Records that’s exactly what you get. For the more adventurous of you out there the title track hints at what lies in store with Irving Berlin’s classic getting cleverly reworked in ways you never thought possible i.e. over moody House beats and feeling excellent. Dejale delivers funky percussion and warped eastern sounding scales, with Empty & Blue ending on a more introspective note with questioning vocals and pulsating tribal rhythms feeling deep and frisky.

release: May 23


RvS Music

Love this from Asadinho whose addictive bass and drums achieve a slinky, sassy groove that’s oh so easy to fall for. Spoken atmospheric vocals come from Natamiq and are backed up by semi melodic synthesized tones which together all feel suitably late night/ early morning – inventive and imaginative. Alex Arnout’s great remix gives it more of a techno sheen with energetic basslines and rhythmic snares pushing the voicel forward. ‘Rouge’ completes with an infectious vocal looped alongside cool, funky percussion and an almost shuffling groove that spells out low-slung nicely. That of course and a certain Robert Owens who talks us through just what’s on his mind making this another compelling production.

release: early June