Afterlife – Burning Man EP – Subatomic UK

The end is where we start from. Echoing Elliot’s timely vision is a sound place to begin this next instalment of compositions designed explicitly by Steve Miller aka Afterlife. Four equally seductive numbers quench the thirst for all things musical beginning with the sublime title track: Burning Man. Probing at thoughts of environmentally sustainability, which fit into the jigsaw of chaos engulfing the planet at this very moment, the music offers some form of resolution as blistering chords are shallowed by a chorus of Dub inflections and driving drums. Followed by the enviable low-slung chug of Dub Baby, space is employed allowing for contemplation via a swirl of heart-strings plucked, translating a world of emotions. The beautifully haunting strains of the exquisite Konishi then contrast vibrantly with evocative keys striking at the world on fire. While, Jupiter Rising ends the journey on a high as carefully crafted notes collide over taught beats amid the euphoric warmth of 1980’s keys.

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