Afterlife – Halucinomat – Subatomic

By transcending the will to connect universally this invaluable series of music from Afterlife seeks out new sonic pastures with each consequent release. However, at this point given the enormity of bland ideas masquerading under the guise of electronic dance music where arrangements, impersonated sounds and cliqued provocations (not to mention the notion that you can significantly re-edit the past while not undermining its historic importance) have lapsed beyond the reach of the terminally boring. It becomes quite easy in which case to get animated by the contrast of moments such as these, shining with such celebratory virtue. That’s the reward. The excitement of discovering invention, and the forward motion of the artistic process. At the end of the day isn’t that is what should be strived for, otherwise why bother. Tuning into the ecstasy of synthesized music was always about progress, about what happened next. 303 plus 808 the numbers continued to add up.

Listening to each track playing across this EP reveals different facets of the prism of musical experience. The sound of music splitting atoms, disassembling then reconstructing. Whether that’s via a more playful funkiness, or driven vigorously by a radical rewiring, there is always something above the expected to tune into. That said, the sheer exultation generated by Sugarfoot or the blissful ignition fired up by Tigerchild suggest a touch of divine intervention within their meaning. Instrumental melody can be beautiful just as can be dangerous, provoking the desire of emotion in the right hands. Afterlife once again fulfil the promise.

Les Yeux Orange · PREMIERE : Afterlife – Halucinomat
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