Afterlife – Mushroom Pie – Subatomic

For the final review of the year it is good to end on something special.

The musical architecture supporting Mushroom Pie feeds into a mind-set blinded by science confirming the emotional intelligence of musical excellence. Driven by a slinky rhythm set the moods created are both warmly melodic, playfully inquisitive as Hush Forever’s whispered intentions fill the airwaves with soulful charge. Songs can occupy a valuable space in the cultural landscape and this one fits nicely into the jigsaw. I suspect Big Bud may be a self-explanatory title but either way it supplies more sumptuous grooves pulsing with reviving sprinkles of piano, deep lowdown bass and spaced-out future echoes capturing the reassurance of comfort. Am I Really Here Again, continues with a dance of breathy voices as the tempo is slowed right down to an enviable stroll into blissed atmospheres that reverberate like a rush of fresh air around the room. You can hear the word, Love on the horizon. The beautiful, drifting melodies of Home Planet then finalise the release crafted by the blessings of nature, inspired by a higher plane captured within this outstading piece of music.


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