Afterlife – Naif EP – Subatomic

At the core of the music created by Afterlife life exists somewhere between lost and found. Looking inward, forever reaching out. Capturing moments as if they were yours to live, a shared experience if you will. The title track, Naif can be located on a sunny upland offsetting its sunshine rhythms with brushes of grainy Dub, alongside a pulse of deep bass – translating Jamaica via Chicago. And that early House influence can also be witnessed on the proceeding, Si Si Si with its Knuckles styled bassline, slung low, amid a cascade of finely tuned snare-drums. As with all the numbers here it’s in the detail where you find the magic crafted, with thought process and imagination set free to live and breathe. The quietly epic, To The Beach is perhaps self-explanatory, yet as bliss unfolds there are hidden depths to be discovered in the breeze of Balearic charged warmth. Dune, completes via a sassy shuffle inspired by the world of rhythm (from Talking Heads to The Beatles) which sees the artist redefine a playful approach to life. Here, Now and After…


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