Afterlife – Resistance – Subatomic

The bass throb igniting the opening bars of Resistance says more in seconds than a life time of evocative words. This feels like the point at which Afterlife has transformed their linage of ideas into defiantly something else. Perhaps that’s an abstract notion but you can hear the amalgamation of all thats gone before blossom into the art of Resistance. You can also experience that playing out in the loose shape of eastern influences drifting across the sea of punctuating percussion, likewise in the accompanying configuration of four/ floor drum hits, combining fundamental elements of dancefloor urgency with the uplift of soulful introspection. Two versions of Resistance are then perfectly realised by Sean Johnson (aka Hardway Bros aka one part ALFOS sonic pioneer) fusing the still provocative influence of Detroit’s Techno heritage to the expansive atmosphere’s imagined by Afterlife’s timely notation. Both provide the stimulation of an intoxicating retelling of the theme. Then more typically associated with Afterlie’s originator is second number Antifearance which adds a funkier, sunshine swing to its collective rhythms, breathing in the swell and shimmer of synthesized sound in all its glory. Nice line in garments too.

Release: December 11

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