Afterlife – Sitting At The Piano – Subatomic UK

Ambient feels like too small a word to describe this awe-inspiring trip through a prism of reverberating echoes. Perhaps the meaning is more appropriately located somewhere in-between the phrases Classical and Electronic to serve the music produced with some evident justice. My only complaint though is that the immersive overlap of warmth doesn’t carry on a number of times longer, for it’s an avenue you will want to find yourself at home in.

Centred on a succession of terse piano notes that are underpinned by an overpowering humming which whirs away almost unnervingly in the background, as synthesised stabs come and go, is one possible way to elicit meaning from words rather than listening. More so is just the simple, purposeful title itself Sitting At The Piano which once again confirms the power of music to generate, connect with and then to explore the impossible dream.


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