Afterlife – Timeframes – Subatomic UK

The inescapable difference between the music produced by Afterlife and that of so many others in this field is simply depth of musical vision. Found in places and locations where you can truly lose yourself in. Plus enquiry, such is the obvious thirst for knowledge. You can feel it as each layer unfolds, each weaving a rich tapestry of emotion. Sometimes dark, unnerving, questioning. Sometimes joyous, reaching out to a heaven of rewarding commonality. Forming as waves do, rolling in a wash of sublime sound as piano is poised upon cool undulations of ever expanding, mood-altering synthesizers. Leaving you with the sensation that this piece of music actually means something as part of an ongoing communication.

Accompanied by Julia Wagner’s stark, visual feast the video is in so many ways like the music itself, not quite what you would expect when in the vicinity of the words Ambient or Chill out. Because, Timeframes for all its sublime thinking is equally a robust, hard-hitting piece of music, existing in another world free from more obvious clique, determinedly thinking for itself.


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