Andre Salmon – The Return Of Mykee Jacksee EP – Leftroom Limited

Leftroom return to the fray with this great release from Andre Salmon who neatly infuses the uber funky, shuffling bassline and drums of the title track together with the sleazy, breathy curiosity of effected vocals. An inventive, playful production for sure and one that sits proudly on the label. A Dub follows engaging the trippy aspects of the arrangement, although you do miss the rush of all those heavily treated vocals meandering around the airwaves. Next, The 93 feat. Mr. Bud tightens up the rhythms with a taught selection of sounds that invigorate robustly while again applying a creative sense of dub to the process. Alex Arnout then delivers a sure-fire rendition that captures the spirit of the original and extends the intensity as the grinding drums pound more intently alongside the captivating vocals and insistent keys.

Release: March 17

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