Asher Levitas & Hannah Archambault – Nous N’étions – Line Explorations

Strange the sensation that greets you upon pressing play. Like you’ve already been engaged with this music for some time, like you have already lived it. That passage of minutes and associated memory is just one of the many emotions generated throughout Asher Levitas and Hannah Archambault’s collaborative exploration of sight and sound. Éolienne begins the journey via a grainy resolution searching out the space in-between, pushing at muscular, feeling breathtakingly delicate. The proceeding Sel suggests a warmer embrace in contrast escaping into the serene, with that pulse of beauty likewise igniting Coulissage cumulating in reaching out to wonder. Next, the breathy expanse of Latence offers a lone sense of defining rhythm via throbbing bass, as the final strains of FieÌ€vre return to more picturesque climes via the quiet roar of intensity rearing its head once again. A rich yet startling listen which employs all five senses in their entirety.

Release: January 22


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