Charles Mingus – Jazz In Detroit/ Strata Concert Gallery / 46 Selden – BBE Music / 180 Proof Records

Recorded live in Detroit at Strata Concert Gallery in February 1973 you could gain entrance for the princely sum of $5 dollars in advance, or $6 on the door. To witness a Jazz legend of Mingus’s stature at any price would have been quite something. But of course you can do it all over again, courtesy of this most welcome release of Amir Abdullah’s discovery of the existence of 5 two-track master tapes of the live concert. It’s fair to say that Mingus was no day at the beach and according to his own memoir: Beneath The Underdog you find a character which, at times, you may not exactly warm to. But this is music played from the very soul by drummer Roy Brooks, trumpeter Joe Gardner, pianist Don Pullen, plus on tenor saxophone John Stubblefield and is a sheer powerhouse of exhilarating exuberance. Charles Mingus composed and played wonderful, original, passionate music. You can hear that all here. Priceless.

Release: November 2


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