Chogori – Minor Green – Modularfield

One, begins this long player by Minor Green fizzing via a series of gentle shocks softening the blows of turbulent lifetimes in its wake. Serene yet driven by an unquiet, uneasy underbelly the music continues probing within, while suggesting a lively escape into an unknown pleasure, always charged by the passion for what could be next. Then try tasting the breathless Rhodes (Ralf Stritt) and cool, twang of double bass (Gregor Kerkmann) alongside delicate snares (Martell Beigang) on the rather wonderful, Mother Earth (below). In ways the whole album is much like that. It’s about an internal interrogation with your own rich, hopefully rewarding conversations about Jazz, Ambience and about the quality of music as a mood enhancement. I really like this, more than that, but then I will always love the way life-sized Double bass twists around the heat of electronic keys amid the percussive dance of future tomorrows. Minor Green was recorded at Hansa Studio in Berlin which may also be enough in itself to excite a probe into this aural sensation.

Release: September 15

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