An On Bast – Cloudscapes 12″ [studio version] – Modularfield

Like one of those head turning moments of clarity An On Bast’s beautifully energised production jumps out at you combining the rush of cool, fresh air alongside a defiant charge of emotion. Signalling her forthcoming album: Coherent Excitations, this single release sees Cloudscapes form into a brush of fizzy, electrical sequences that wash over with melody and creative flair. This is a great production of ideas that create their own time and space while allowing your imagination to run riot.

Release: May 10


AMPARO – Palm House EP – Modularfield

Comprising six tracks of strummed, plucked abandon this new EP from Lela Amparo tugs at heartstrings as much as it does flick on life’s emotional switch. As you will hear below a streak of melancholy carves its niche throughout, yet the music has a celebratory American quality too. It’s big on atmosphere, perhaps just simply high on life. And again qualifies as music to get lost somewhere in, maybe just for the moment, but all the same proves to be a rather beautiful experience to while away time.

Release: October 26