DJ W!LD interview

Who inspired you to become a Dj? How did you first get into producing music?

Laurent Garnier. I was living in small city in France, Dijon, and we had the chance to have the best club in that time called “l’enfer”. And Laurent was resident with his wake up parties! Amazing.  My first production was in 1996 when I met Peter Rauhofer and we decide to do a track together released on Twisted America called “Magic Orgasm”

How would you describe your sound?

Well, difficult to describe!!! But if I have to it will be D!RTY, sweaty, sexy, powerful, hypnotic and acid. Then it’s a mixture of many kinds of music that I like and listen to.

Your second album: D!RTY is a combination of great club tracks but also has many atmospheric parts too. What inspired you to create the album in this way?

All my travels and trips.  I always record many sounds, voices, ambiance and I used these to give even more a personal aspect to the album.

Can you tell us about any favourite pieces of software/ hardware which you used to make the album?

I’ll say 2 master pieces are the TB303 and TR909 – they are for me the base of everything.

Why did you start your own labels: Catwash Records and W? What are going to be your next releases?

I started Catwash first because I wanted to release new artists and push music I like (Catwash, Chris Carrier, Lula Circus, Boris Werner, Gauthier DM …) and also create a crew: Catwash family with no spec!  We have producers from all around.  Then W is a label I created to release my music only as I have so many new tracks every month.  And inviting all my friends to it as well! Next releases on Catwash are Lula Circus, Chris Carrier, Alex Noto, Jack Wickham, Adam Shelton and a big compilation with around 20 unreleased tracks.  Then for myself 9 new projects coming on Rekids, W, One Records, Homecoming, Snork Entreprises, Unik Musik, Roots and Wings, Act Natural, Systematic …and many more to come.  I’m already working on my next album 😉

Where are you looking forward to Dj’ing at this summer and why?

Well this summer was my D!rty tour so I’m looking forward going to USA, Russia, Spain, England, France, Italy, Canada … but also Circoloco season at DC10 in Ibiza where i m staying the summer.

Which artists do you listen to outside of Dance music?

Marc Moulin, Grace Jones, The Cure, EPMD, Heltah Skeltha, Gangstarr, Serge Gainsbourg, Nina Simone, Kraftwerk, ESP…


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