RNDTXTR – Random EP – Rekids

Music like this doesn’t always work for me. But this certainly does. It’s the brutal, uncompromising drums and bass yet warm musical reflection of its keys which serve RND009 so well. Followed by the equally brisk RND007 (Dub Mix) complete with super-hot snares, then ending via a twist of funkier organ plus accompanying beats on RND004 which create dots connecting past and present.

Release: September 11

listen / pre-order https://www.beatport.com/release/random-ep/3095145



King Britt presents Sraddha – Believe EP – Stranger In The Night

It’s records like this that get you refreshed and excited all over again as Dance Music’s electronic soul gets revitalised, injecting fresh sound and ideas into the equation. Believe, twists grainy synthesized sounds through a subtle Acid mangle while pulsating drums leaving you in little doubt. The keys then take centre stage via an excellent No Drums version, leaving remaining numbers: Memories and You’re All I Need to explore deeper themes with indelible impressions always and forever present.

Release: June 7





Matt Edwards and Patrick Mason combine talents to produce this temptingly devilish release for the always on point Rekids. In days of easily acquired tame, repetitive instrumentation it’s refreshing to hear spoken words which cause and impact upon your soul. The message in Elevate does just that as the tough, funky and deeply intense rhythms of the track tease and tear at the stereo in tandem. A timely Acapella care of Mason is also included as is an excellent, probing Dub version should the voices frighten you. Second original, Nasty then completes with a nod to pounding 90’s styled Tribal madness and an uncompromising sting via its fierce lyrical expression. Continued excellence.

Release: August 31



Mark The 909 King – After Dark – R-Time Records

Funny to think that After Dark originates from 1995. I could have been made today. Rekids offshoot R-Time Records continues to deliver its neat line in re-issues with the aforementioned punching out shuffling Electro rhythms amid a series of grainy, pulsating kicks and sizzling hi-hats. All offset by the poignant rush of emotive pads which perhaps give the timeframe away but are none the less just as resolutely effective. The more strident Into Space follows with provocative Pierre influenced Acid grooves which come complete with splashing snares and the knowledge of time. The Loft completes with classic Detroit/ Chicago sounds all feeling emotionally charged and notably resonate in 2018.

Release: September 7



P. Leone – Chances We Take EP – Rekids Special Projects

I couldn’t exactly explain why Rekids are quite so important at the moment. Obviously they release music that challenges, excites and moves forward but also perhaps because the simmering, violent intensity produced by P. Leone on Rose Petal Breaks is simply breath-taking. Add to that, at a relevantly short six minutes of brutal drums, brisk crisp stabs plus a heady rush of sheer energy this demands repeated play. Next, Noon Service gives cause for concern with its gritty combination of punctuated keys and quick-fire percussion which, is fair to say, leaves your brain in a confused state. The unforgiving tempo of Hold Me Down follows in rapid succession, leaving the not so introspective Sometimes I Feel Strong to end care of another blistering array of beats, bass and chaos. Beautiful Vinyl Only.

Release: February 16


Honoree РMar̩e Haute EP РRekids

I keep on returning to Rekids not least of all because they always have something refreshing to say. Honoree’s sterling new production for the label achieves that sense of wonder through dark, smouldering drums, stunning commanding basslines and deliciously dead-pan vocals that simply drip with atmosphere, painting Dorian with suitably haunting tones. This is just excellent. Next number, 208 and its array of ponderous beats and punctuating percussion which again leans on the darker side continues the theme. Leaving Margaret Dygas to return to Dorian digging into deeper depths via robust low-end accompanied by occasional keys plus the splash of sizzling percussion on what is undoubtedly an urgent and first-rate remix.

Release: January 19

Pre-order: https://lnk.to/REKIDS113



Radio Slave – Feel The Same – Rekids

Matt Edwards has of course been busy delivering some of the most thrilling, stimulating music on the planet as Radio Slave, however the purpose of his debut artist album sees those horizons pulled apart beyond expectations. The unnerving ambience generated by the opening, rather beautiful 2nd Home proves it’s not all boom and bust as deeper sensibilities and tempos are explored and also revealed on Forana as well as the delicious 101. Others such as the irresistible Jazzy inflections of Rize again expand the theme, while tougher more robust numbers such as the killer cut Trans take care of any outstanding business. Feel The Same, ends on the introspective, warmly rewarding Gaikokujin as the album proudly transgresses requirements to provide music that exists beyond the dancefloor probing at the highs and lows of life’s emotion.

Release: September 15




ZW – Wulfman – Rekids

And this is precisely why I love this label. It can release music of such tranquil, melancholy perfectly realised for the moment like this, then by the next breath pulverising, brutal structures. Zeb Wayne returns to the fold with this emotionally drenched blend of dramatically enriched vocals care of Ziwi plus an amalgamation of finely tuned musical (as in musical) expression that encompasses everything from piano to pulsating machines and real drums. Originally from 2016 none-the-less as songs go this is still a joy. The new remixes then translate other aspects into being beginning with co-writer for the score of The Revenant, Alva Noto who injects more tense atmospheres into the equation. Leaving Calibre to sequence dancefloor sensibilities alongside irrepressible rhythms into his version, while Radio Slave re-imagines it all via syncopated beats and percussion plus bass amid splashes of vocal across some ten minutes of persuasive anticipation.

Release: July 14




FBK – From The Escaped Planet EP – Rekids

Rekids begin their new vinyl only series: Rekids Special Projects with this initial release from FBK. Pulling few punches this refreshingly opens with the highly charged Disco insanity of You Are Not Fixed, which loops the sense of history to breaking point as stabs sizzle over punchy drums and quick-fire tempos. The proceeding Dynamonium also does this this time substituting the D word for shimmering arpeggio’s plus hissing hi-hats. The aptly titled Set It Free follows with intense Techno sounding very urgent indeed, leaving the also aptly titled The Final Escape to break it all down joining funkier rhythms together with buzzing, atmospheric synthesizers amid nods to twisted melody.


Release: April 14


Radio Slave – Another Club / Feel The Same – Rekids

Words like naked and brutal may trip off the tongue when describing this 100th landmark release from Matt Edwards’ always stunning Rekids. Which while true doesn’t deny the intrinsic brilliance of these productions. Living life on a knife-edge may also generate the same emotions but then aren’t these the times we are forced to live with. Reflecting that nature Another Club ignites dangerous electronics over a series of booming beats plus sizzling hi-hats and a spoken diatribe that very much gets under your restless skin. Feel The Same, almost comes as a light relief though is no less epic in scale with reassuringly familiar vocals looped across urgent, jarring synth notes plus quick-fire stabs delivering the promise of yet more.

Release: February 17