H Foundation Q&A

Tell us about your return to production as H-Foundation, and what were the reasons that made you decide to stop in the first place?

H-Foundation-1Halo: We decided to bring back H Foundation about 3 yrs ago within those 3 yrs we have been hammering away in the studio with tons of new material including labels Supplement Facts, 1Trax, One Records, Magnetic, Leftroom & our label Surface. When we decided to give H Foundation a break it was a mutual decision to focus on our own musical careers.
Hipp-e : We parted ways mainly to focus on our solo careers as well as start families and ground ourselves a bit. When we decided to bring H Foundation back was after finally re connecting musically as well as maturing and growing as individuals, we have a completely new passion for what we want!

What became known as the ‘West Coast Sound’ pioneered by you became heavily influential throughout Europe and beyond. Who has most influenced your sound in 2014 either in Dance music or outside of it?

Halo : WOW thats a tough one we have been influenced by so many Djs & Producers, like Loco Dice, Hector, Re-Up, Francisco Allendes.
Hipp-e : Yeah and we are collaborating with some great artists, like David Durango and Proudly People as well as Allendes. Also we are really inspired by the people we have signed to Surface. There is solo much great music and artists out there, we are excited for 2014!!

Your latest single: Kontrol Room has just been released on DJ Sneak’s Magnetic Recordings. Can you talk us through how you produced it and about any favourite pieces of studio equipment you like to use?

Halo:  Sneak’s been family to us for years and it was the perfect timing to produce something special for him for Magnetic, about 6 months ago I flew down to Denver to work on Kontrol Room we spent about 4 days on it we wanted to incorporate something fresh but with an dubby space teky vibe thats where our friend C.1  came into the picture, we wanted him to freestyle about being in space.
Hipp-e : Yeah Sneak is old friends we have talked about working on tracks with him for years and he’s always supported and guided us as family does, We are happy to be part of his camp!

The single features C.1. How did his involvement come about?

Hipp-e:  C1 is an old friend of mine from Denver and he has been in the scene here for years. He is part of a Rap group” FoodChain” a group of super talented guys. we wanna work more with him in the future!

How would place the importance of vocals/ songs in Dance Music? And how do you feel about the current vogue for Disco re-edits and the influence of early 90’s House again?

Hipp-e and Halo: We super picky about what vocals to use in our music and the music we play, we don’t think its super important to have a vocal in every single dance record I think it should preference. WOW yes theres a lot of Disco Re-Edits coming out, we don’t really play any disco edits out but I’ve heard some really nice ones. Since we were Dj’ing in the 90’s we are huge fans of that dirty 909 feel there’s tons of really nice stuff coming out at the moment that s been influenced by the early 90’s stuff.

Can you tell us about the plans for Halo’s Surface Recordings? And about any other forthcoming releases?

Hipp-e and Halo: We have some really nice projects lined up for Surface including projects by Francisco Allendes, Proudly People, Hector & H Foundation
We are busy at the moment working on a few really nice projects and remixes we also have an album coming out this April on Sneak’s Magnetic label thats called “Passage Of Time” which is about 16 of our classic remixes and original material from 1999-2004 remastered.

Where can people get to hear you DJ?

H-Foundation-2Hipp-e and Halo: we’ve held of off touring the last couple yrs to work in the studio and get a bunch of new material out with that said we have decided that we are going to start touring in April so you will be seeing a lot more of H Foundation Dj dates



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